Demons are Real, I Saw Them (Testimony)

Prophet Ashley Edwards shares salvation testimony and her encounters with the power of God on the mission field.

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00:00 – 00:20 Teaser
00:21 – 2:04 Wanting God at 5 Years Old
02:05 – 3:53 My Father Wanting Me to Be Catholic
03:54 – 6:04 Encountering the Holy Spirit
6:05 – 7:59 Dealing With the Confusion in My Home
8:00 – 10:51 Going On My First Mission Trip
10:52 – 12:46 Going On My Second Mission Trip
12:47 – 16:56 The Moment I Received Deliverance
16:57 – 23:29 My Mom & Dad’s Reaction to the Move of God in My Life
23:30 – 26:16 What Jesus Has Done in My Life

Directed by Eric Villatoro & Junior Mayen
Edited by Eric Villatoro
Recorded at Nova Hub Church in Woodbridge, VA.

The mission of Delafé Testimonies is to document and share the testimony of Jesus throughout all nations.

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