Ex-Yoga Instructor Tells All – Is Yoga Demonic?

Vlad Savchuk

Ex-Yoga Instructor Tells All – Is Yoga Demonic? @Everett Roeth

Everett Roeth studied and trained in yoga for hundreds of hours in his pursuit of healing and truth, until he arrived upon the knowledge of Christ. Now, as a Christian, he is exposing the dangers of yoga and the truth behind this spiritual hindu discipline. This is not just stretching and exercise, but many times it can be a willful worship of demons and Hindu entities.

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Yoga is not just stretching, it is a spiritual discipline that involves “yoking oneself” to the universal consciousness “brahma”. There is a pantheon of gods and goddesses that are worshipped in yoga, and many of the poses are specific worship poses to these deities. Although stretching and exercise are great to do to remain healthy and fit, that can be done without practicing ‘yoga’.

0:00 Introduction
0:35 Definition Of Yoga
1:32 Worshiping Eastern Gods
2:34 Origin Of Yoga
4:18 Devils Deception
5:00 Practice Stretching NOT Yoga
6:00 Temporary Benefits, Eternal Punishment

Is yoga Christian? Should Christians practice yoga? What are the dangers of yoga? Is yoga Biblical? What should one look out for when taking yoga classes? Did Jesus teach yoga? Is yoga compatible with Christianity? What does the Bible say about yoga?

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