Is God Real? (My testimony of how I came to Jesus)

David Knoch

This is my testimony of how I came to Jesus. When I was 16 I was really asking myself the question, is God real? I had grown up Christian and I needed to find out for myself. So I decided to ask God if He was real. If He was, I wanted to know Him because I had heard so many cool stories about Him and I wanted to know for myself. So one day I yelled in my car, “God if you are real, I have to know you, show yourself to me” and what followed is my testimony. What I discovered is that God IS real and that Following Him is the most exciting, joy-filled adventure any of us could possibly walk. He is so much more exciting than any of the video games I played, any of the movies I watched and I was ruined for the ordinary through what God did in my life after I truly sought Him. For God is Love and each of our hearts are longing for that perfect love that only God can give us. God is the Creator of the greatest galaxy and the intricacies of the human body. God is epic. God is Holy. God is awesome. God is perfect and He invites each of us to a life of adventure, courage, and freedom. The question is, will we say yes?

Hey guys! My name is David Knoch, and my heart for this channel is that it would be a place where you can be encouraged in your faith, experience the joy of a life lead by God and that the world would know the goodness and love of Jesus. I am planning to post at least every Saturday and will often post more! I am passionate to see everyone in this world get a true representation of their loving creator who is not some indifferent powerful guys upstairs but is a loving Father who cares about every detail in our lives. However, we often don’t experience that reality until we ask, because God will not force Himself on anyone, but “draws us with chords of loving kindness”. My prayer is that I could encourage people to seek God, say yes to Him, and experience what God has given to us through Christ Jesus! God bless you guys!


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