My Testimony | how Jesus saved me from anorexia, anxiety & depression

Mia Dinoto
I’m so thankful to have found Jesus. Ever since I put all my trust in Him, He has saved me and has completely changed my way of life and view of the world! I love you Jesus!🙏🏻❤️

Instagram: @mia_dinoto
Tik Tok: @miadinoto_

Why, hello there! Fancy seeing you here…👀😂
Welcome to my channel where I do weird & random stuff!🤪
First and foremost My name is Mia Dinoto! I post story times, gymnastics tutorials, DIY’s, challenges, vlogs, driving vids and SO much more! I was a level 10 gymnast & competitive dancer. I’m now an actress and frequently go back and forth from living in LA & MD! I’m a teenager, still in high school – however I do school online now! You may know me from Brat’s Crown Lake, or from my gymnastics videos!
My passion is creating, filming & editing videos! I absolutely LOVE it so I hope you enjoy 🥰❣️

Catch ya on the flip side!

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