Atheist Asks TOUGH Questions: EPIC Response! (Q&A)

Frank Turek is asked a series of challenging questions by a young atheist in a Q&A line. This conversation is remarkable.

Daily Dose Of Wisdom

Hello there! My name is Brandon McGuire & I started this channel because it became clear to me that God is real. If that sounds wild or ridiculous to you then you are just the kind of person I’d love to connect with. I genuinely think that we’ve all faced doubt (or even anger towards God that we have insisted is unbelief) at one level or another.

But here’s my story: Jesus has saved me and changed everything for me, and so I want to help people understand who He is… so that He can do the same for them.

So, I’m interacting with content from across the internet and engaging in conversations that I think are important, from a Jesus perspective.

Skeptics and seekers are welcome.
Conversations are Good.
Questions are Good.

No Hate.
Just Love.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.


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