How New Age Destroyed My Life | My Testimony

PLEASE READ ME!!! If you have prayer requests leave them below. Hey guys, So not one of my regular videos but I had to tell you my story of how I got out of the New Age. I was into a lot of things while in the New Age such as numerology, law of attraction, meditation, yoga, channeling spiritual guides, horoscopes, and hypnotism. None of those things ever brought me joy or peace. Jesus was the only one who pulled me out of that and he can do that for you too. I cannot tell you how difficult it was for me to make this video!!! I tried to film it about 3-4 times. Then I finally made this one and even then I had trouble uploading it. Finally I did so pray for me y’all because spreading the Gospel is NOT easy. I hope you guys enjoyed and got something out of it. I love y’all and God bless 🙂 ­ S O C I A L M E D I A Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Business Inquiries ONLY: ­ M U S I C If you’ve made it this far just know that Jesus loves you 🙂

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